Khanapara Teer Results – Teer Lottery!!

Khanapara Teer Result (02-December-2017)

Here is the Khanapara teer result for you. Check it out and see if you are lucky with Khanpara teer. All the best!

Khanapara Teer Result Today

First Round (3:45PM) Second Round (4:15PM)


Khanapara Teer Common Numbers

Direct House Ending

Khanapara is a location near Guwahati, Assam. Sometimes it’s referred as one of the most crucial junction because of the highways and connecting roads alongside. You can directly go to Shillong and even towards upper Assam on the other side.

Apart from this, Khanapara is also famous for its “Teer Lottery”. Getting inspiration from Shillong Teer lottery system, Assam has set up its own archery lottery system- “Khanapara Teer”.

The system of the draw is very similar to the Shillong Teer lottery system. Like that total 60 archers throws arrows directly towards the target. But here it’s unconfirmed that whether the archers come from three clubs or not. Probably the archers in Khanapara Teer lottery system, are hired on contract basis. All the other proceedings are similar.

Like Shillong Teer, here you need to select your number while purchasing the lottery ticket and you can win up to 60X of your lottery ticket prize!

Actually, people in Assam took the inspiration of Teer lottery from the people of Meghalaya and started a similar one in Assam, Khanapara and gradually it got popularity and created its own identity and got famous as Khanapara Teer lottery.

How the winner is selected in Khanapara Lottery

-> 60 archers throw arrows on the target

-> Then, all the similar arrows are collected and an arrow from each bunch is thrown on the ground.

-> The number is calculated from the arrows on the ground and the winning number is got from there. The Process of selecting the winner of the Khanapaa Teer is quite similar to the Shillong Teer lottery.